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Welcome To JuiceOye

JuiceOye is cold pressed fruit juice company and our main aim to provide healthy, hygiene and fresh cold pressed juice to every single human being with in their pocket reach.  

With our automatic vending machine we are offering a new healthy snack concept to our customers. Freshly squeezed juice, anywhere, 100% natural and always fresh made in-front of you.

The innovative automatic JuiceOye squeezing process, is truly unique. The technical features and resulting juice yield represent a real revolution in orange juice extraction, a process that instantly prepares a high quality freshly squeezed juice free from bitter peel oils.

Once the oranges are inserted into the juicer, they slide one by one into the squeezing area where they are cut in half.

Each half is squeezed keeping the juice and the peel oils separate. The juice is channeled and poured into glass; the peels slide in an easy-to-remove container. Our freshly squeezed orange juice is highly appreciated as it is naturally sweet for the simple reason  that it is free from bitter oils (the juice never comes into contact with the peel) and pulp residue. A truly mouthwatering masterpiece that satisfies healthy diet choices all over the world.

Cold Pressed juice on wheels .. Our first entry in Cold pressed juice business


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